The Venerate Salvation


How do you deal with pain that nobody can see?

Strafe has returned to Earth after saving his girlfriend Yessa and lost brother Zixin from the war on Eternia. Unfortunately, his Guardian power is lost and his holy sword, The God Blade, is shattered after killing a God in their final battle.

The war is not over though, as the Federation has kidnapped both Strafe's and Yessa's parents in retaliation for their actions on Eternia. They both fear that if they don't give into the Federation's demands of surrender, their parents will be killed before they can find them. On top of that, Zixin's mental health is a constant worry for Strafe as he sees the self-harm beginning to get worse, much worse.

Both Strafe and Yessa must make impossible, life-changing decisions. Ones that may even make each other into arch-enemies.

Perfect for fans of the Divergent, I am Number Four, and Final Fantasy series! Devil May Cry fans will be right at home as well!

The Venerate Salvation is a roller coaster adventure for all Sci-Fi / Fantasy fans that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Praise from bloggers for

the Venerate salvation

“If you’re looking for a great Sci-Fi/Fantasy series with realistic characters, huge feels, and a skillfully built world? I’ll say that you’ve come to the right place!!” - (4/5 stars)

“The Venerate Salvation incorporated the themes of uncertainty, dissolution, and love that gave a sense of realism to the story and characters that fans of sci-fi novels will enjoy.”

“All in all this was an enjoyable book which had an original premise with easy-to-read and likable characters.”

“I recommend this book to everyone who is tired of all the classic SF and Fantasy books and is looking to read something new.”

“There is so much action, and the fight scenes made me tempted to get out my Xbox controller and tap A and line up my moves.”