The Venerate Redemption



Strafe, Roya, Rousseau, Zon, and Strafe’s spirit animal Brutus have narrowly escaped persecution after being framed for the Slate outbreak in Yuwheria. The race to locate the Guardian keys escalates after they learn the more the Senti collect, they get closer to awakening an ancient God capable of annihilating both Eternia and Earth.

Strafe and his friends face impossible odds to save the planet from a maniacal enemy set on executing an ancient alien prophecy. The Senti have also created a special group of hunters who’s sole purpose is to locate, capture, and kill Strafe and his friends. The hunters are gifted with Guardian abilities, even more powerful than their own.

Strafe’s girlfriend Yessa, who he has been searching to find since being transported to Eternia, is still lost. Strafe fears for her safety, and how she will react after he confesses a secret that will threaten their relationship.

On top of that, Strafe must come face to face with his worst enemy, the demon that tore his family apart. Even with the God Blade, Strafe will be pushed to the brink as he fights to avenge the ones he loves most.

 Sci-Fi / Fantasy fans who love stories with unpredictable twists, epic battles, and breathtaking wonder have come to the right place! The second book in The Venerate Saga series, The Venerate Redemption, continues the story for Strafe as he navigates a foreign world on the edge of collapse.