The Venerate Order

What would you risk

  to save the ones you love?   

Strafe is a young college graduate who has the world in front of him. With a new pilot’s license, a beautiful girlfriend named Yessa, a loyal spirit animal, and a best friend that doubles as a bouncer, he’s got a lot going for him. Yet, he yearns to find his long-lost brother, who’s been missing for over ten years. Before he sets out on a clue to go find him, they participate in a contest to solve a transportation problem for the city.

Against his friend’s wishes, Strafe attempts a daring stunt to ensure they win. When the experiment goes wrong, he wakes up in an ancient cave, thousands of years old. Inside he finds an artifact that becomes the catalyst to spark an interplanetary war.

After word gets out of what Strafe discovered, an archeological group called “The Federation,” moves in. He is given no choice but to show them the cave in exchange for the safety of his friends. Strafe is betrayed and left for dead at his lowest moment as his girlfriend is kidnapped and taken through a mysterious portal.

Guided only by this mysterious artifact and his spirit animal, Strafe has no choice but to follow after her into the unknown. Little does he know that he will be stepping into the greatest challenge of his life. Strafe learns of a brewing war on this new planet and that if he doesn’t stop it here, that Earth will be next.

Welcome to the Venerate saga!

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The Venerate Order!

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"What I loved when I was reading this book is how it really did feel like it could be a Final Fantasy game."

"Overall, a fun read especially for RPG fans."

"Venerate Order was an interesting novel, it was fast-paced full of action, drama, and adventure... I would definitely recommend this book if you are a fan of fantasy."

"All the characters and the story in general are colorful and fantastical, not just the giant talking dog....There is also an obvious appreciation for ancient history and myth, and that was one of my favorite things about reading this."

“The book is a good read, a great work by a debut author.”

You will be stuck in this until you complete it. - @bookish_things_ | Instagram