the world of the venerate saga 

The Venerate Order - Book 1

Strafe is a young college graduate who has the world in front of him. With a new pilot’s license, a beautiful girlfriend named Yessa, a loyal spirit animal, and a best friend that doubles as a bouncer, he’s got a lot going for him. Yet, he yearns to find his long-lost brother, who’s been missing for over ten years….

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The Venerate Redemption - Book 2

Strafe, Roya, Rousseau, Zon, and Strafe’s spirit animal Brutus have narrowly escaped persecution after being framed for the Slate outbreak in Yuwheria. The race to locate the Guardian keys escalates after they learn the more the Senti collect, they get closer to awakening an ancient God capable of annihilating both Eternia and Earth…

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The Venerate Salvation - Book 3

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Strafe has returned to Earth after saving his girlfriend Yessa and lost brother Zixin from the war on Eternia. Unfortunately, his Guardian power is lost and his holy sword, The God Blade, is shattered after killing a God in their final battle…

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